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Nantambu-Akil Fentress played football for the University of Miami(FL) from 2011-2014. He graduated from the University of Miami in 2015 with a degree in Biology with minors in Chemistry and Spanish.


Nantambu was just a young boy from Nashville, TN who had dreams of playing football for the University of Miami Hurricanes.  The Nashville native grew up with his parents and younger brother. Growing up, he was not just active in sports, but the arts as well. He acted in plays, commercials, sang in church choirs and musicals, played the cello, and the trombone. As therapy to balance out the rigor of med school, he writes poetry and coaches football. Nantambu prides himself as being well-rounded and not limited to one discipline. His name means “Man of Destiny”, which he continues to discover.

The former student-athlete has been inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame - Hampshire Honor Society and the Sigma Delta Pi National Hispanic Honor Society.

Fentress has been a recipient of the ACC Top Male Scholar-Athlete of the Year 2014-2015 Award, ACC All-Academic Team 2014 Award, and ACC Postgraduate Scholarship.

He has also been a nominee for the 2014 Burlsworth Trophy and Jim Tatum Award.

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