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A  D R E A M  C O N Q U E R E D

Nantambu is all heart. Despite his small stature, Nantambu displayed the passion, drive, grit, toughness & discipline needed to succeed in academics & sports at the University of Miami. his compassion, respect, sensitivity & genuine care for others allowed him to make a difference in the lives around him. As his former LB coach, I’m looking forward to watching my Pop Warner LB tackle the obstacles of life.



- Micheal Barrow, Linebacker Coach for the Seattle Seahawks

Nantambu Fentress is one of those guys you will never forget. He can be described as a young role model.  He tells his stories of faith and follow-through while In high school and at the U, where he played with other young men who were not only champions in football but champions in life. be inspired by Nantambu’s stories of a dream, action, leadership, faith and follow-through.



- Steve DeBardelaben, Chaplain for the Miami Hurricanes, Miami Heat, Florida Panthers, and Miami FC

C O N N E C T  W I T H  N A N T A M B U

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